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Ensinger Group Ltd is part of the Ensinger worldwide group, a market leader in the demanding world of high performance and engineering plastics excelling in both the manufacture of semi-finished stock shapes and profiles, and in the machining of plastic finished components.

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As part of the much larger global company, the Ensinger UK Group has direct access to the wide range of manufacturing services and products that are available throughout each of our worldwide divisions. As well as our extensive range of high performance and engineering plastic stock shapes.

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To make sure the Ensinger material choice is right for your application, all our materials come with a datasheet that displays all the technical information that is required. You can download all of our material datasheets here.

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Ensinger Group Ltd is a UK market leader in the manufacture of semi-finished products and finished parts, complete assemblies and precision profiles from high performance plastics. Its parent company in Germany, Ensinger GmbH, is represented with sales and production locations in every major industrial region globally with a workforce in excess of 2,200 people.

Ensinger’s UK headquarters is based in the heart of industrial south Wales. Since its establishment in December 1987, the group has grown continuously throughout the UK resulting in 8 stock shapes branches, three machine shops, a manufacturing facility and a building profiles division. They all serve a diverse range of industries with premium engineering plastic products and services.

Whatever your requirement, from material production right through to a finished component, you can trust Ensinger to fulfil your engineering plastic requirements and meet your expectations.


Branch Supervisor / Manager

The Branch Supervisor / Manager (dependent upon experience) will have direct responsibility for Branch Stock Shapes sales, targets, budgets, forecasts, costs and profitability in line with strategic initiatives, as agreed and advised by the Regional Sales Manager and Head of Sales.

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EPD® for Ensinger’s Insulbar RE

Insulbar RE has now been on the market for a number of weeks. What makes it special: The insulation profile…

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Insulbar LEF: Low-E film as an alternative to foam

With a view to improving thermal insulation properties, Ensinger has…

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